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Click Below for the free download. Reset youR schedule in 7 days!

Know your type, change your life!


Have you ever wondered why you need things to be perfect or chaotic, safe or exciting, or why you tend to default to a more compassionate, assertive, competitive, or agreeable place than others? By learning about the enneagram and its system of nine distinct types, you can expect to gain: 

    * Strategies for harnessing the essential strength & power at the core of your type
    * Powerful insights for communicating & skillfully engaging other types
    * A deeper appreciation of the unique benefits & challenges of other types
    * Greater freedom from self-judgment & self-sabotage

The enneagram is an ancient tool providing a rich starting point for discovery about the human condition. Understanding your place in the system can bring you greater satisfaction in all areas of your life: career, wealth, love and, ultimately, deep contentment and satisfaction.

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"The Enneagram provides a platform for discussion as to who a person is essentially. I had some mixed results with the test, so I'm looking forward to scheduling a session to discuss it. I think this will be a great starting place for my next phase of introspection." - Terry V., Denver CO

Each of us goes through the world looking through our own window, motivated by particular fears, drives and uncertainties. And, each of us brings unique gifts. Essentially, this is what the enneagram is all about. 

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