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·       Get expert help with developing & hosting a successful video class to share your legacy

·       Save time! One-stop site for hosting classes, collecting payments, and building community

·       Keep 90-97% of your course proceeds with no added fees

·       Host up to three distinct classes on one account

  • Include videos, live events, "office hours" and documents for a customized and personal learning experience

  • Full customer service for you and your students—you aren’t the customer service department!

  • Seamless payment & registration flow for students

  • Integrate with services you may already be using: PayPal, Stripe, MailChimp, InfusionSoft.

  • Utilize progress tracking for monitoring health & engagement

  • Automated content delivery and reminder emails for saving time

  • Create polls

  • Use multiple prices and discount coupons for payment

  • Annual commitment