Happiest Time of the Year?

When December rolls around, we're expected to be downright celebratory, thankful, joyful, etc... pretty much all the time.

We're supposed to go glitzy, get dressed up, feel a little bit wild, blow glitter around! 

Does that ever feel like a lot of pressure? Is it just me? 

Actually, I know it isn't. I am lucky enough to have the inside scoop on my clients' lives, so I know you probably experience joy about as often as you feel a little bit listless, a little bit, well, BLAH.

Don't get me wrong, things in my life are for the most part downright fantastic, and I have a great deal for which to be thankful. Let's just say that I identify much more closely with Christopher Robin than Eeyore, for sure. 

But the start of winter has an effect on me that I sometimes forget is coming.  I'm like a bear entering hibernation... I want to wear my pajama pants all day long (and I'm not going to lie... sometimes I do!), drink lots of herbal tea and red wine, and dial down my doing. Up my BEING.

Granted, it's nice to see sparkly lights outside as I take an evening walk around my neighborhood or go into the city, but that's MUCH preferred to attending a glamorous party. I prefer one one one get-togethers, quiet nights at home, nice simple meals. 

Maybe I'm getting older (aren't we all?), or maybe I'm doing a better job of looking within and noticing what is. 

I think it's a sign of wisdom to notice. When external expectations don't match what you actually feel on the inside, it's healthy to stop and realize that, and be OK with it.  

As one of my clients said recently, this being human thing can be hard.

We all need love and support in the form of real life connections, a creative outlet, work that satisfies us, and a strong sense of ourselves. 

I wish you all that this season, along with integrity. And, I grant you permission to feel what you feel.

Even if (especially if, and when) it's not gilded with rainbow glitter.